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About Our Online Generator

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the Clash of Clans Hack for Android and iOS! Our brand new script is very easy to use, thanks to an error in the server of clash of clans.

Unlike many other alleged hacks available online, this Clash of Clans hack do not need to be downloaded, you can just follow the instructions and voila, all the resources are generated and indicated directly on your account!

Finally, thanks to these errors of Clash of Clans you can get infinity gems, gold , elixir and dark elixir ! With our Clash of Clans Hack we will allow you to defeat all your opponents and climb ranks in the quickest possible way!

Will I get banned by using this Clash of Clans Hack?

This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions we receive, the answer is NO! We have implemented a special algorithm that allows you to bypass a flaw present in the Supercell server (The creators of Clash of Clans). With this bug, for the time being unknown, we can modify the resources and make the change permanent! All this without downloading anything! Convenient no?

How many times a day can I use this Clash of Clans Hack?

As many times as you want! As we explained the script is based on a small error on the server side, so until it gets patched, you can use our Clash of Clans Hack as many times as you want!

Is this Clash of Clans Hack updated?

The answer is obviously yes! We constantly update all our hacks! Thanks to a team of experts it is always possible to implement new features and always have brand new Clash of Clans Cheats available!

Do you have any new Clash Of Clans hack updates in mind for the future?

You still want more in addition to the Clash of Clans's UNLIMITED resources? haha

It asks me to Click on an a advertisement is this normal?

Yes, unfortunately it is not difficult for someone to try to manipulate our scripts and disseminate them in an illegal manner. By clicking one of or advertisment that allows us to prevent our script being stolen and even sold on!

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